Learning to sing as an adult - it's never too late....

The sense of optimism and renewal at this time of year makes it a brilliant time to start new things.  

Learning new skills and taking on enjoyable new challenges keep us motivated and promotes that all important growth mindset.

Starting to have singing lessons as an adult ticks so many boxes.  It is accessible for most. You don’t need to buy an instrument - you have it about your person at all times!.  And it is invariably life-enhancing. 

Maybe it is time to release your inner Whitney Houston/Jessie J/Katherine Jenkins/Placido Domingo/Ed Sheehan/Bob Dylan [delete as necessary!]?

Singing is calming, yet energising.

Singing is calming, yet energising.

Something old…..  

Many people have already done some singing at some point in their lives, and may be quite experienced.  

However, we can make an analogy with sport here.  Most people have played tennis or football a bit and if you give them the equipment needed, they can hit or kick the ball a bit.  However, if they have some coaching and some pointers to aid their technique it can make a massive difference to their game.  

Singing is similar - some expert advice from a properly qualified teacher can really make a huge difference.

Something new…..

Perhaps you have never really been a singer and would like to give it a try?

Maybe you were told as a child that you were ‘tone deaf’, or to stand at the back and mime?  Did you know that there are many technical issues that govern tuning, which a skilled singing teacher can often help a singer fix?  

Perhaps you play the guitar or piano but have shied away from singing til now, and want to explore this extra dimension?


There is a huge and growing body of research into the positive physical, mental and wellbeing effects of singing. 

There is a huge and growing body of research into the positive physical, mental and wellbeing effects of singing. 

Singing has also been shown to improve our sense of happiness and wellbeing. Research has found, for example, that people feel more positive after actively singing than they do after passively listening to music or after chatting about positive life events.
— Jacques Launay, Postdoctoral Researcher in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

So here are my top 4 reasons for taking up singing:

1. It is great for our bodies

Good posture and alignment are important for singing, so gentle stretches and balance work concentrate self-awareness and improves core strength.  Good, deep breathing promotes healthy lung capacity.  

2. It is great for our minds

Fantastic feelings of wellbeing brought about by the release of oxytocin and endorphins when we sing.   Focussing on something so creative, purposeful and absorbing can be cathartic and totally take us away from everyday troubles and routines for a while. 

3. It is a practical skill

Singing is quite technical, and gradually mastering this is so satisfying.  You can explore your individual talents and strengths as a singer, learn new repertoire, try out old favourites, and explore musical genres of all sorts.  You can express yourself, even if only in your own front room!  Building confidence and a sense of achievement along the way. 

There are massive resources out there now to enhance your experience - thousands of interesting apps, many excellent backing track resources etc. 

Good teaching will provide you with a solid technique which will adapt to styles from classical, folk, music theatre, to pop/rock.  With the possible exception of thrash metal - you might have to find a specialist teacher for that!

4  It can lead to new opportunities, new friendships, new horizons

You can learn to sing purely as an end in itself, but the positive social benefits of singing in a choir or another group like pantomime or music theatre are especially well researched. 

As you grow in confidence, there is a wide world of opportunity out there:

If the idea of the stuffy old choral society or church choir fills you with horror (although they do still exist, and many love them dearly), these are counterbalanced by a huge range of community folk, gospel, pop/rock, a cappella, men’s, women’s and barbershop groups springing up all over the place. 

So, what are you waiting for?


Singing, through words and music, is the ultimate in human expression - unique and present in everyone of us.