Preparing for auditions - five ways to help your child

Preparing for auditions - five ways to help your child

Audition season is upon us, and whereas there will be jubilation for some, there will be disappointment for others..... Hats off to you all - you are so brave! It is a tricky time, but you can gain huge benefits if you treat any audition as a learning experience. 



1. Jubilation or disappointment? Treat those two imposters the same. You were either lucky enough to be 'the person' they needed or you weren't.  It is often no reflection on you.  Seek feedback, think about what could have gone better (even if you got a part) and pick yourself up.  Professional singers and actors eat rejection for BREAKFAST!! 

2. Preparation, preparation, preparation:  It is impossible to be over-prepared!  Learn your song backwards, upside-down and sideways. I have been on audition panels when someone has stood up,  got a piece of crumpled up paper out of their pocket, peered at it, and then starting singing.   Nooooo!  A little time (actually alot of time!) spent memorising the song will give you magic confidence, an important ingredient for any audition. 

3. Choose your repertoire wisely.  Is it an appropriate piece for your age?  Does it work well for your voice range? I sometimes hear young singers doing songs better suited in style and content to adults.   There are a million great songs for young people out there.  Do your research on Youtube and the internet.  Get some help from a singing teacher or your music teacher at school. 


4. This is an interesting one - where do you look when you are auditioning?  You need to keep your eyeline at about your head height, or slightly above.  Find something in the room to sing to, and imagine that it is your dog, goldfish, best friend, someone else you would feel really happy singing to.  This takes practice.  Don't be tempted to look at the floor or the ceiling! Also, don't eyeball the audition panel!  

5.  Practice in a mirror.  It is really hard to do this - I hate it! -  but you will see what the audition panel (and ultimately audience) see.  Is your face expressive?  Are you words clear, or are you mumbling?  Do you look confident? 

Break a leg!